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             Date:   Friday  28 May  2016   3- A

      Location:   Auckland - New Zealand




      GMT Time:   (zulu)  


Extreme mobile phone advertising in Vanuatu


Truck crashes into a house in Henderson


Car found in river in Henderson


2 die in Bay of Plenty road crash


Cameraman obstructed in a public place by NZ Police


Traffic chaos  truck hits bridge in Penrose


Horror crash in Auckland - man burns to death when car hits building


Ride along in our new news chasing van


A video of our trip to Pacaya Volcano,   Guatemala,   in Feb 2016



Two trains passing on the Colorado River bridge ,  BNSF  Transcon,  Needles, California

East bound freight train,  near Colorado River  ,  BNSF  Transcon,  Needles, California

Two trains pass near the Colorado River  ,  BNSF  Transcon,  Needles, California

Pacaya volcano trip - Guatemala


The view from the summit of Pacaya Volcano - Guatemala

Actsafe Nyiragongo Volcano Expedition 2016    DRC Congo, Africa


Click on above photo for Nyiragongo Expedition photos

Volcano Expeditions kicks off in Vanuatu, we are currently taking bookings for Expeditions to

Marum and Benbow Lava Lakes on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu.

Click above image to view the NZ Herald story above

Click on above image to view full story on CH7 Australia



Geoff, Brad, and crew feature in the worldwide launch of the GoPro HERO4


Erta Ale volcano expedition - Ethiopia - Africa


Click on the photo to go to the Erta Ale page

10kg gas bottle and 25 litre drum of water are dropped into the lava lake with dramatic results


Indonesian Volcanoes Expedition  01 - 22 July  2014


Batu Tara  -  Kawah Ijen  -  Bromo  - Mud volcano, Surabaya  Dukono


Dukono Volcano blows its top metres from us ! Dramatic video

Click on the photo for the Dukono page

Surabaya's mud volcano

Click on the photos below  for the rest of the expedition photos and videos for each volcano

: Bromo and Semeru Volcanoes at sunrise

Kawah Ijen Volcano

 Batu Tara Volcano Expedition     


June 2014 Actsafe Ambrym expedition - Vanuatu


The adverts we did for the LG G3 4K smartphone. 


Polar explorers Geoff Mackley and Bradley Ambrose braving the -51 temps in Oymyakon - Siberia - Russian Federation

14th to 19th March 2014  -  click for more photos

It is so cold here the flag has frozen solid and can be held up like a wooden board.


MAN truck fun in the South Island high country   (click for more photos)


Solar powered railway trolley tested before being taken overseas to abandoned railways


RIP Phil Cotter  "shags"  who died on Friday 26 August 2011 when his helicopter crashed while working on Malakula Island in Vanuatu. Phil has

 been involved in every expedition we have made to Vanuatu for the last 14 years and was a truly brilliant pilot. His loss will be greatly missed.

Click here for more photos and video of Phil 


2 years in the making and a lifetime of crazy adventures..

"In Extreme Danger" takes you into the path of natures fury, hurricanes, floods, earthquake, tsunami,

volcanoes, tornadoes,  with over 200 photographs taken over a 20 year period....

Afghanistan....beautiful, vast, ancient, dangerous

Click on any image above for all the Afghanistan photos 

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